First Words

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As your child masters one and two word combinations, switch to Shuffle mode so that they can practice
language production independently, relying on language processing and formulation skills.

Enjoy this application, and please let us know what you think on

High Impact Words

 All done
 Come Here
 Fall down
 Under  Up
 Whoops  Yippee


 Airplane  Apple
 Ball  Balloon  Banana
 Blocks  Boat
 Book  Bowl  Broken  Brush
 Bubbles  Bucket  Button  Cake  Candle  Car
 Cart  Chair
 Coat  Computer 
 Cup  Ear
 Eye  Feet  Flower
 House  Iphone  Moon
 Nose  Potty  Pretty  Shoes  Socks
 Sun  Table  Train


 Baby  Bug
 Cow  Daddy  Dog  Friend
 Frog  Me  Pig  Pony

 One Word Actions

 Bath  Bite
 Catch  Cheer  Choose
 Climb  Cook  Crawl  Cry  Dance  Dig
 Draw  Drink  Dump  Eat  Feed
 Hide  Hop  Jump  Kick  Listen  Look
 Mow  Pet  Plant  Point  Pop  Pour
 Pull  Push  Run  Sit  Sleep  Slide
 Throw  Wag  Wait  Wave

 Two Word Actions

 Blow bubbles
 Blow nose
 Blow Candles
 Bounce ball
 Brush teeth
 Daddy walk
 Dress up
 Drink juice
 Drink milk
 Drink water
 Eat apple
 Eat banana
 Eat cookie
 Feed baby
 Feed kitty
 Feed pony
 Get cookie
 Get present
 Hold balloon
 Hold hat
 Hold puppy
 Kick ball
 Kick feet
 Kick leaves
 Kiss baby
 Kiss daddy
 Kiss frog
 Pull toy
 Pull wagon
 Push button
 Push car
 Push cart
 Push troller
 Ride bike
 Ride car
 Ride pony
 See boat
 See flower
 Touch friend
 Touch nose
 Touch snail
 Want cookie
 Want food